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Thermal radar article
Popular Science

Invention Awards 2014

360-Degree Infrared Vision

Invention awards plane article
Popular Science

Invention Awards 2014

A personal electric airplane that takes off and lands like a helicopter, and flies like a plane.

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Popular Science

Invention Awards: Family Flier

John McGinnis thinks ordinary families would rather skip the airport and fly themselves. So he is trying to reinvent the personal airplane with the help of his father, son, and a rotating crew of about two dozen volunteers.

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Popular Science

Stow & Go

The art of the portable paddle kit.

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Popular Science

This Is Why It's A Mistake To Cure Mice Instead Of Humans

The good news for mice is that humans have spent billions of dollars to solve their illnesses. But it seems researchers have tortured mice in vain for decades in the search for drugs to help humans recover from certain traumas, like severe burns, blunt force, and sepsis. Mouse genes just don't react the same way as human genes in all cases--in fact, sometimes they are contrary to one another. But we shouldn't get rid of our fuzzy friends entirely.